Quality purified drinking water

Bottled Water

We supply prepared still water to retail- & Wholesale outlets. We also supply restaurants, take-away outlets, ,venues, corporates and more.

Dispenser Refills

Whether you have a water cooler/dispenser in your office, factory or home, we can simply & efficiently accommodate your refill.

Home & Office Delivery

We ensure that our finest water gets to your doorstep at a competitive price or you can bring your containers and get them refilled.


It’s not by chance that every drop is pure and balanced with essential minerals, With each sip you’re assured of hydration and exceptional taste

Our Product range

Aquamark is KEBS certified, carries the Diamond Mark of Quality and has a Tamper proof quality seal.Bottling water comes in 6 attractive bottle sizes ranging from 500ml bottles to 20 Liter dispenser .

Why choose Aquamark

Recyclable & Reusable Bottle

Our containers are reusable and recyclable with zero disposable plastic and eco-friendly refills,.

A Healthy Option

Our bottled water is pure and filtered to remove any harmful chemicals and bacteria, leaving you feeling better and healthier.

100% Safe

Purified drinking water is processed using the latest reverse osmosis process . Micro carbon filtration and UV Light treatment

Pocket Friendly

All our products are fairly priced and our delivery is free in nearby areas

Affordable, Reliable Bottled Water Delivery for Homes & Offices in Mombasa

We serve a wide range of clients ranging from hotels, canteens, faith based institutions and homes. To ensure reliable supplies and services we have a fleet of delivery vans, this gives us a competitive edge to fulfill door to door order.

Our Testimonials

What's better than client testimonials to guarantee the quality of our products? Here are a few testimonials we had from our esteemed clients


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